For Youth Workers / Educators

The Erasmus+ Youth Cooperation Partnership project “MOSI LIFE: Modelling Situations for Life” seeks to encourage youth to overcome difficulties in dealing with daily life situations, and therefore to improve their chances for better social inclusion possibilities.

Within the framework of the project, the following project results are developed: 

  1. MOSI LIFE Methodology for youth workers/educators working with youth having SEN: (i) MOSI LIFE Training methodology based on needs analysis, (ii) Tips & Tricks in providing MOSI LIFE educational sessions for youth having SEN
  2. Training materials for Train the Trainer training
  3. MOSI LIFE video series called “Mosi and Friends” contains 10 short educational videos, the first is an introduction of the virtual hero called Mosi, who will experience and share their life in the other 9 videos based on the following themes: Health, Money, Education, Friends, Family, Hobbies, Travel, Food and Hygiene. The short videos help to set the scene for each topic of modeling daily life situations for youth with SEN.
  4. MOSI LIFE interactive game focusing on the daily life challenges and situations of youth with SEN, which provides gamification techniques with active learning (including storytelling, theatre, dance, drawing, etc. methods) with coordination by youth workers/educators working with SEN.

MOSI LIFE Methodology

Project Result 1

Materials for Youth Workers

Project Result 1

Mosi and Friends Series

Project Result 2


Project Result 3

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